The World is Your Runway. Show off the True You.

We are Diversity Fashion World® – The Most Culturally Diverse Fashion Show on the Globe.

We are proud to be a community that celebrates people for who they are and where they come from. We create a safe and inclusive space for individuals from diverse cultures to showcase the beauty and diversity of their roots, and we encourage them to honor their heritage. DFW provides an opportunity for emerging artists and designers to showcase their creative talents on the global arena. And we strive to give back to our community through philanthropy by raising funds for a deserving charity.


Celebrating Your Individuality

Diversity Fashion World® is to become the melting pot for cultural cohesion. We are here to create a global spotlight for culturally-inspired fashion & design.

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Together We Can Make an Impact

At Diversity Fashion World, we believe cultural differences & diversity are the bedrock of humanity. Our oranization leverages fashion as a bonding tool to celebrate the unique and distinct heritage of every community, and we promote events that strengthen the cultural fabric of who we are individually and together.


United Through Differences

In the very heart of Southern California, there live four creatives. Each coming from a completely different background, but united by one mission.

We Are Committed to Diversity
We are Different

With us you get to experience the true inclusivity that you deserve.

Diversity Fashion World: building the bridges between East and West.

Expand your audience.
Team up with complimentary businesses.
Use your unique voice to stand out.

Book a pop-up shop space to promote your business and/or perform direct sales on the day of the event.

Get a special opportunity to showcase your designs on the runway.

Get exposed

Get promoted all across the various social media platforms. And reach thousands of potential clients and customers.

DFW: The World is Your Runway. Show Off the True You.

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